Mesclum Salad With Tofu


This is super easy to make and really tasty.

Recently I visited Loving Hut, a tiny Vegan Restaurant in NYC and I had this lovely salad for dinner so I decided today that I was going to make this for lunch, it was super delicious, the tofu is seasoned in homemade Basil Pesto, you sprinkle some Walnuts and Olive Oil and… VOILA, you have just made the perfect salad.

You’ll need:

-Spring Mix

-Cherry tomatoes

-Firm Tofu


-Olive Oil (for the pesto)


-Pinch of salt



Pesto: Simply put a bunch of basil leaves into your blender, along with a pich of salt, 4 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and half a clove f garlic mix well until a green thick paste forms.

Cut the tofu into 1″ squares and season them with your pesto.

Mix your salad leaves with cherry tomatoes and have fun decorating. Enjoy!


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