Veggie-Quinoa Roll

I remember the first time I made a roll, a Korean friend I had taught me how to do it but I made a total mess:), however with a little
practice I got better at it, and now they look pretty good, it’s actually kind of easy after you get the hang of it. I’ve always seen rolls with either white or brown rice but I wanted to change it up and use quinoa instead, you know to take it from ordinary to extraordinary, and let me tell you it worked to perfection. SOOO FLAVORSOME!

You need:

Nori sheets (roasted seaweed)

Cooked Quinoa(It will be great if it sticks together a little)

Carrot strips

Avocado strips

Cucumber strips

Oil (to brush on top)


-Place the sheet of nori on top of plastic wrap, and brush with a little bit of oil.


-Spread the quinoa over it (make sure the quinoa is warm, not too hot) leaving about one inch margin on each side.

-Place the veggie strips in the middle.



-Carefully start rolling by bringing the nori over the ingredients. Be sure to pull in tight and tuck the wrap under to begin the rolling. At the same time, do not let the plastic wrap get caught in with the ingredients. It is important you make the roll tight as you start to roll.

-Remove the plastic wrap, brush with a little oil and cut the roll into even pieces crosswise.

Serve and enjoy!


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