Red Cabbage Salad

Very colorful dish and full of flavors that complement each other very well, lovely for every season.

You need:

1 medium red cabbage

4 medium carrots

3 plum tomatoes

1 ½ cup of chick peas

½ cup of Italian flavored tofu (you can use any other flavor of your choice) which I got at whole foods

¼ cup of finely chopped cilantro

Brussels sprouts (optional)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil




-Steam the Brussels sprouts for about 7 minutes.

-Chop you cabbage into thin strips, grate the carrots, and chop the tomatoes and cilantro.

-Dice the tofu into little squares.

-Mix all the ingredients together and serve the Brussels sprouts on the side.



2 responses to “Red Cabbage Salad

    • Wait! You are in Malaysia or you are from Malaysia lol, if you are in Malaysia I don’t know if there are Whole Foods there:), but basically what you need is any kind of firm tofu, I chose Italian flavor because it has a nice tomato flavor to it, but If you can find any other flavor that is fine too, or you can use regular firm tofu and maybe marinate it in tomato sauce with some herbs and spices, the brand is SOY BOY, I took a picture of the package but unfortunately I deleted it from my phone:(, anyway I hope you can make it and I’m glad you liked it, have a beautiful day.

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